Erion Inthoral

Master of Forces for Sh'rayas


27F62213-C18C-416D-B02F-D40B07A930E7-414-0000002E9695E763_tmp.pngErion is currently stationed at Osh’ra. He is in charge of organizing the armed forces of Sh’rayas and hiring mercenaries. He is a dedicated spear fighter and seems talented, although he is new to his post. He is father to Judah, although Erion was unaware he had a son until he met the PCs in Osh’ra. Originally, Erion is from the Court of Sohma, and was hired to spy on Sh’rayas. However it seems he has turned his back on his team and they were executed and he was recently promoted by the Emperor.


Erion Inthoral

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