Tournament of Nevermore

Held every four years for the past 28 years, this tournament was sponsored by King Stephanis of Calica. The purpose was supposedly to promote peace within Nevermore. Sponsers would gather up teams of four heroes, who would battle in an arena that was magically enhanced to both simulate dangerous environmental hazards to make the fights more entertaining and also heal the opponents once they dropped due to injury so that the fighters would not die of their wounds. The tournament would travel around the continent of Nevermore. Typically every country would have minimum of one team participating. After a team lost twice, they were eliminated from the tournament. The victorious team members would each recieve a wish granted by the King Stephanis.

In 1080, the Tournament of Nevermore was announced. The teams were as follows:

Mother’s Will
Team NightmareScape
The Queen’s Heart
Team Sian Republic
The Green Dew Monks
Team Wind Song
Team Mixed Bag
The Eyes of Lolth
Poseidon’s Sword
Team Tempest
The Dog’s Loyalty
Team Incineration
The Silver Bird Clan
The G’hem Haddar

As of the end of May, 1081, it was discovered that King Stephanis had an alterior motive in holding the tournament. King Stephanis at some point had transformed into a half man, half goblin creature, called a “manlin”, and he was experimenting with evil magic to transform humanoids into manlins. The magical arena, after healing anyone, would discharge a powerful magical substance that, when contained, was highly volitile. Stephanis had been hoarding this substance for the past 28 years, and, in a turn against humanity and Calica, used it to destroy and route the armies of Calica and Zartinia in a surprise attack against them during the 2nd great war. It was also discovered that the winners of the tournaments of past had not, in fact, been granted wishes, but intstead had been murdered by the king.

Tournament of Nevermore

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