Shifting Sands

Shifting sands
1331-With Emperor Sh’rayas the Sylven still heavily in power a good 250 years after the war, the Shifting Sands are experiencing a new golden age of expansion. This shift of power is of course a huge source of worry for the rest of Nevermore, but all is coming up roses for the empire of the drow. The Sands have expanded greatly in the East, basically forcing almost all but a small faction of the Nightmare Scape to bend the knee in submission of the fearsome sorcerer. The Empire boasts not one but two capital cities, Oshra, the desert jewel, and the port city of Ashemport, the most wealthy city of Nevermore. Sh’rayas has pushed the limits of all of his boundaries, constantly testing the Mixed Bag, Manlin, and Sohma borders. Many are used to the constant skirmishes near his sector, but mostly for now the Emperor has been playing by the rules…… for now. Drow have become prevalent in this land, most of whom have undying loyalty to the Emperor. But humans and high elf drawn to power, inborn magic, and intelligence are also seduced to his side. Psions are actively hunted in these lands, and if it is discovered that you have psionic abilities, you are stripped of any wordly goods and forced to work in indentured servitude to the upper echelons of the Shifting Sands upper crust society.

Luckily for many of the other nations, much of Shy’rayas’ expansion plans have been blocked by constant battles with Shargoth, the rogue leader of the “Orc Nation”. Orcs are considered the “wild card” of this land, and roam unchecked throughout the Shifting Sands countyside, somehow surviving in the harsh desert climate. Because of this constant threat to his North, Sh’rayas has not been able to make a firm cut towards the Yomeron valley. However, the more civilized nations should not count on the orcs as allies-indeed many diplomats looking to seek a word with Shargoth have been returned to their countries…minus a few vital limbs.

1081-The largest country in Nevermore is also the hottest in weather. The desert climate is often plagued with dangerous sandstorms and is death to many who adventure without taking precautions. The capital city is Osh’ra, whose architecture is Arabic/Middle Eastern in style. The Shifting Sands has a large mage population, and also a growing psionic community, which are often at odds with one another. Popular races include gnomes, elves, humans, and kobolds. The cities of Shifting Sands are often sacked by notoriouly fierce sand pirate “Gaul who Grasps”.

Garef is a local city 10 miles east of Osh’ra.

Shifting Sands

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