This capitol of Mixed Bag was created by Orion Rainblade, the great great grandfather of Kyleen Rainblade (RIP). His dream was to have a city where all races and monsters could live in peace and freedom together. He created the Mud Boys, magical clay golems that protect the city and detect violence at a distance.

Epinoch consists of 4 main areas:

Lanoul Abbey-the mercantile district of Epinoch. It houses the Chruch of Avandra called the “Temple of the Winding Road” and also is the home to many coal miners.

Beddington-the wealthy area of the capiotl. Known for “Incantation Station”, a magic shoppe run by an eccentric halfling woman named Zerbo, and also the Hotel Rose Pierre. The hotel has a 5 star restaurant and is known for it’s hot springs and indoor pools.

The Bow-the seedy part of town and also home to many coal miners and working class citizens. A tavern “The Dirty Sack” has the best ribs in town and ale for a decent price.

Ybolitos Park-Arguably the prettiest part of town, the park houses the “Mixed Bag Zoo” and also has a life sized statue of Orion Rainblade.


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