Minotaur Isle
The Slow Boat to Sian....with a detour

Last we left our adventurers, Nathan, Kao-Tsu, and Talia were left with the tattered notebook of Gwendolyn, not knowing if she was alive or dead, but knowing she was certainly in trouble. They also knew that Diamond Lil’s pirate army had arrived magically in Sternberg….but how to get the pirate captain to meet with her crew was unknown. Unable to do much more than search and hope, Kao-Tsu sent his monks out to gather more information on the wildens and the whereabouts of Gwendolyn. After hearty discussion, a decision was reached. Lil was to cut through the Meadowlands and Zartinia by foot, guarded by Richard, Belcoot, Magog, and Logg, hoping that a small party could sneak through enemy territory easier than a large convoy. Meanwhile, Nathan, Kao-Tsu, and Talia would go by ship to the Sian Republic, hoping to gain their allegiance in the war by using Lil’s reputation as a pirate captain as leverage for the island nation. Together, the armies would be able to route the forces of the enemy and hopefully gain a foothold at least on the seas of Nevermore.

The 3 PCs set sail on a tiny crab fishing ship, “The Icicle”, which stopped, to Talia’s chagrin, to ice fish in the amidst their adventure. In the middle of the night, a strange light appeared in the distance from an island. Upon investigation, a spirit inhabited Talia and told the party to head to the island to awaken a hero. By morning the small vessel had reached the magical isle, which despite the cold weather elsewhere, had a tropical climate. Cutting through the balmy trees, Kao-Tsu spied a tribe of minotaurs performing some sort of ritual with a golden pyramid in the distance. After a quick skirmish and some confusion, the shaman leader of the minotaurs listened to the story of the spirit leading the adventurers to the island. He suggested that Talia inhale a natural drug which would not harm her, but take her on a spirit journey to explain why they were being lead to the island.

Talia breathed in the smoke from the strange liquid, and quickly fell into a trance-like state. She had visions of the enemies of Calica: a man in red, threatening her life; an assassin lurking in the shadows, throwing shakrams; and the former king of Calica at the head of a massive manlin, drow, and wilden army. His name, his true name, came to her in a flash: Isorn’t. Suddenly, the vision changed and she saw her goddess, Wee Jas, before her. The goddess of death and magic explained that Isorn’t had made a deal with Dagon, the evil god of the Sea, and Grumsh, the god of the orcs and goblins. If those gods gave Isorn’t the power to overtake all of Nevermore, he would help them in their war in the other realm to gain power over the other gods. Wee Jas could not completely interfere with Isorn’t’s plans; however, she could help the adventurers by resurrecting former heroes from other worlds who would help in the battle against the manlin army. Lil was the first. The pyramid on Minotaur Isle held the second. Not only did Talia, Kao-Tsu, and Nathan have the hopes of the people of Calica to succeed; they also had the hopes of the gods.

As Talia awoke from her trance, she explained to her concerned friends what she saw in her visions. The minotaur shaman agreed to let the 3 adventurers travel to the pyramid, as long as they were respectful and would protect the tomb, as it was sacred to their clan. Upon approaching the edifice, they noticed a golden idol being stolen by two troublesome twin rogues! Verbal negotiations failed, and aggressive negotiations followed. The villains were slain, and Nathan replaced the idol. An ornate carved coffin rose from the center of the pyramid, and the nervous adventurers opened the lid. From the coffin rose a noble looking man, dark blonde of hair and beard, with a regal expression on his face. “Where am I, and why have you awoken Arthur Kaiyen Macbeth?”

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