Notebook of Gull Sunelle

Notebook of Formations


The notebook was given to the party on the deathbed of Gull Sunelle to help the Calican military as a token of gratitude for saving the life of his daughter.

Any player may use a healing surge to gain the following affect for 1x turn as a free action:

Turtle-all character adjacent get a +1 to Defenses
White Lotus-all healing and 2nd wind give an extra +5 health
Sorcery- if a player is adjacent to a mage or psion, they can take half damage for the mage
Wolf-all attacks by the party cause the prone effect
Snake-all characters may shift one square as a minor action
Octopus-all characters get a +1 to hit when targeting an enemy not yet hit

Tri-Attack-pick 2 characters plus yourself. If first 2 attackers hit, the third attack will also cause the Stun effect
Twin Lances-pick 2 characters. While flanking, those characters deal 2d6 extra damage.


Notebook of Gull Sunelle

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