Vampire-Leader of the Court


Yoreth is a powerful vampire and leader of the current revolution in the NightmareScape. He discovered a plot of Jaynus to create a giant magic obelisk that would desecrate the land and turn the energy of the unholy onto the NightmareScape and possibly beyond. The obelisk would use powerful magics to turn every living creature in a radius into the undead, thus mindless and able to be commanded by Jaynus. Yoreth, although undead himself, has a strange affection for living creatures, and with other vampires and through the help of Talia, Kao-Tsu, and Gwendolyn, they were able to stop (or at least slow down) this desecration from happening.

Yoreth detests his existence of being a vampire and only drinks from willing human subjects. His life is spent in solitude as he ponders his inability to socialize with the living. ZZZ-Talia Lancaster (Black) had a private and important moment with him, as her meeting with him was very soon after her encounter with Zula. It has since been revealed that she requested that if by the time her drow curse was up, she would ask that Yoreth change her into a vampire so that she could continue to “live”. Yoreth was very opposed to the idea, and told her that he did not want to change another subject ever again.

However, it has since been revealed that Yoreth has since sent his trusted vampire Vivian to be a companion for Talia, to watch over her as her “ward” and to introduce Talia to the dark ways of the undead, so perhaps he has changed his mind…..



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