Will Kane


human gunfighter


Will learned thru the danger of gambling the art of the gunslinger and became adept at it. When he saved someones cattle from being stolen he decided he had a niche for this and became a bounty hunter as he found it less complicated then gambling. He got to choose his jobs and go from their.

One day a job brought as him as far as Calica on the day of the princess’s birthday celebration of coming of age. When all of a sudden the princess disappeared will saw his opportunity and after a hard fought tryout he was able to meet with the King and get the ultimate bounty. Find the princess and bring her back. If he did he would be handsomely rewarded. However the king could not be involved with such a despicable occupation so he told all the bounty hunters involved that he would not associate himself with any of them. So competing with other bounty hunters Wil must find the princess and make all his wealthy dreams come true. That brings him in contact with his fellow adventurers.

Blaze virmliun- is enemy from all my going on

Siria Shadowmoon- know a tribe who is part of hers and his is best friend with Ty Smith (call himself Too lonjforuyountonsya)

Opposing bounty hunters

Drow swordwoman Lledrith

A half orc dumb named Femur

A bard con artist/bounty hunter named Maribelle Godsfried (real name but use many aliases)

A silent devasting warforgedwarrior by only known as Stonewall

Will Kane

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