ZZZ-Tifa Lightbringer

human paladin


Tifa is Calican born, and joined the paladin order of Calica at the age of sixteen in order to follow a man that she loved. However, his true loved proved to be of the order, and he died before his time. Bitterly, Tifa grew up in the order, despite the death of her love, and joined the Calican military during wartime to protect her county.

Tifa was transfered briefly to the unit of Kao-Tsu and Talia during the absence of Nathan. She often clashed with Talia over leadership of the party, finding Talia too dark and her judgement too clouded. Tifa was also 10 years older than Kao-Tsu and Talia, and often found herself at odds with the two friends. She was transferred with Zeveran to another unit of the Calican military before the Vampire War in the NightmareScape. Tifa was last seen protecting the remaining children of Sternberg during the surprise attack, but she was unable to help the family of Nathan Bishop.


ZZZ-Tifa Lightbringer

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