ZZZ-Talia Lancaster (Black)

Human Hybrid Swordmage/Wizard

Talia (19 yrs) was born to the noble and wealthy house Lancaster, who were known despots and harsh rulers of a small area in Calica, centralized in the town of Aria. She and her older brother, Terrance (20 yrs), lead a sheltered and harshly disciplined life in the shadows of her parents, whom, unbenounced to their children, practiced evil magic and were constant threats to the safety of Calica. Lania Lancaster and Zeric Lancaster often allied themselves with the drow who shared their worship of the goddess Lolth. Talia never knew of their evil ways, and was sheltered from public life (although she was taught to combine both wizardry and swordplay), until age 18 when an terrible event occurred. Her parents, with a promise of great magical power from Lolth, created an evil magical ritual that would sacrifice the souls of the entire town of Aria to the drow goddess. The day of the ritual, Terrance discovered his parents secrets, and as he confronted his parents and ruined their ritual, Zeric stabbed him through the heart. Just at that moment, Talia walked into the room and witnessed the horrific murder of her brother. The ritual, now ruined, created a monstrous backlash of magic, which blew up, destroyed the town and killed all of the inhabitants, leaving Talia the only one alive at the center of town but with complete amnesia of everything but her first name. However, instead of being killed, the souls of Talia’s parents were trapped inside of a spider signet ring that they had given her. Alone, terrified, and memory-less, Talia quickly left the crumbling remains of Aria, unsure if she had caused the devastation to the town and wondering why she was the only person alive for miles and miles. She took the last name “Black” due to her dark attire and hair.

Talia eventually made it to the center of Calica, where she discovered that the Tournament of Nevermore was occuring. Hoping to win the tournament in order to gain a wish to restore her memories, she made quick allegiances with with ZZZ-Kao-Tsu Quan, ZZZ-Nathan Bishop, and ZZZ-Cassius Rainblade to form Team Tempest. She proved her mettle with a blade, and was pleased to slowly discover her latent magical abilities as well. Talia was always a bit withdrawn, untrusting, and mysterious, trying not to reveal that her memories were missing in order to not get hurt or taken advantage of, which was particularly disconcerting to her other team members. Also during the tournament, she was approached by a dark elf, Zula, who inferred that she may know something of her parents. After adventuring with her companions for quite some time, Talia kept getting visions and dreams of a strange volcano in the NightmareScape. She knew the answers to her questions were some where in Ranrow Mountain. After trekking to the volcano, Talia and the party encountered the goddess Wee Jas, who helped restore Talia to her full magical potential and also filled in many of the gaps to her past. However, the night of the ritual was still missing, and Talia had no idea that her parents were evil.

Frustrated and angry that her mind would never be fixed, Talia turned to the only other missing link-Zula. In a secret pact, bonding arms with the drow, Talia desperately agreed to do an unknown favor for the drow in exchange for her missing memories. Through magic, Zula released the souls of her parents from her signet ring. Lania and Zeric first tried to bond with their daughter, but the memory of Terrance’s murder broke through, and Talia rebuked them. With the help of her friends, she tried to arrest her parents, but they escaped. Talia has yet to see them again.

Talia’s anger continued to grow as she joined the Calican military once war was declared against Zartinia. She fought for so long to discover who she was only to discover that everything around her life was evil and dark and twisted; this gave her much inner turmoil. Her distemper was furthered when Nathan suddenly abandoned the adventuring party which he had lead up until now to do a solo military mission, thus turning the burden of leadership to her. This did bring Kao-Tsu and Talia closer together, and Talia now considers Kao-Tsu as close as a brother. On March 26th, 1081, Zula appeared before Talia and demanded Lolth’s favor that Talia had promised. The drow told Talia that she had to murder the nearby elven town of Oakglen and sacrifice the blood of the wood elves to the drow goddess. Talia refused, and a magical pulse traveled through her veins in her arms. Zula told her that if the town was not murdered, in exactly one year, Talia would die and Lolth would damn her soul to the pits of the underdark. Again, Talia refused to become a host of evil like her bloodline, and Zula left, unfulfilled.

Talia grew harder and harder inside, trying to block all emotions. She threw herself into leadership of the military, and vowed to gain revenge on Lania and Zeric, whom she blames for all of her problems. She was greatly moved by a secret conversation that she had with the vampire Yoreth, who leads the rebellion in the NightmareScape. It has been since revealed that Talia asked Yoreth to turn her into a vampire if her date of death drew close and she had still not discovered a cure to her drow curse. The vampire had originally refused her request, but months later sent Vivian to join their party, tasking the pixie with Talia’s request if she truly desired it. Talia has been torn on the decision. Although she has convinced herself becoming undead will prevent Lolth from consuming her soul, she is frightened to become an undead, unsure if the change will make her evil.

After A Pyrrhic Victory, Talia shared her true emotional feelings with Nathan Bishop. She cares greatly for the fighter and one day after the war, she dreams of having a relationship with him in peace away from fighting. But until then, she will put her personal feelings aside and continue to fight along side the Calicans in the war that threatens the free world.

ZZZ-Talia Lancaster (Black)

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