Emperor Sh'rayas the Sylvan

Dictator Drow Sorceror



1331-250 years after the War of Nations, Sh’rayas has proved that he is a keen ruler. Almost immediately after the war, he saw the weakness of the Nightmare Scape (in that they were leaderless and low on troops). He swept in and fought ruthlessly for the territory. Quickly he won battle after battle, until our present situation where he basically has the once vast nation cornered- pinned against the mountains and Icevane. His major opposition in the Shifting Sands has been Jeddak Shargoth, the leader of the Orc “nation” within the bounds of the Shifting Sands. He also took major advantage of the earthquakes that rocked Sohma and Sterberg, and further quickly and quietly took more land following their discourse. Sh’rayas calls to action all drow, urging them not to fear and step into the light and claim their dominance over the elven races. He also urges forward any sorcerers or those with inborn magic ability, claiming their superiority to all other mages. Urged on by the people of the Shifting Sands, he helped enslave what remained of the psions. He also allies with many undead, noting their allegiance to their new Emperor. Lately, all has been quiet in the South. However, all of the other leaders of Nevermore watch the drow carefully, waiting for his next well calculated move. (Lawful Evil)

1081-Sh’rayas the Sylvan was supposedly sent from another time and place to help the army of Calicans defeat the Manlins. He was taken prisoner by the enemy and held in the Zazareth Nor facility, recently liberated by the heroes. Supposedly Sh’rayas had already been a help in the Shifting Sands, where he was gathering together a group of mages to rebel against the psions and Seamus Alexander, who has taken the region as a tyrant.
After liberating Sh’rayas from prison, the heroes tentatively agreed to work with the drow to put him in power and defeat Seamus Alexander. At this point in time, Calica’s chances of success in the war was dim, and they had little choice but to go with Sh’rayas’ plan. Together they fought their way through the underground passages into Osh’ra, the capitol of the Shirfting Sands. Atop a spire they found a large psionic brain and a group of mind flayers, as well as Seamus Alexander, cackling mad with power and insanity. After the destruction of the central brain, a wave of psionic energy spread thought the city. Seamus and any other psions in the city instantly died. Sh’rayas put himself atop the throne of the desert nation, at the cost of a third of the population of the city, as the heroes could do nothing but sit back and watch the fall of one tyrant and the start of another….yet they still required his help to defeat Isorn’t.

From his original world, Sh’rayas was an anti-hero whose first priority was always himself. He took pride and superiority in his magical nature, but not in his drow heritage, as he was raised by humans above ground rather than in the Underdark. Allies included a fighter, Corin Tempest, who he had a cold rivalry with, and a gnome wizard, Xima, whom he constantly bickered with over the “natural” way to learn magic. Sh’rayas, in a coup to gain power, notably turned on his adventuring party, who were forced to kill him. He later was resurrected and proved a dangerous yet reliable ally, and perhaps a little more of a humbler elf.


Emperor Sh'rayas the Sylvan

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