ZZZ-Richard Bishop

human fighter


Richard is the father of ZZZ-Nathan Bishop and former war hero of the Calican military. In the original war between Calica and Zartinia, Richard defeated many Zartinians and gained high rank due to his might with unique shield based fighting. At the end of the first war, just before Calica and Zartinia were about to sign a major peace treaty to end the fighting, the Zartinians blamed Richard’s military unit for a coup that occurred in the Meadowlands at Caulder’s Pass, killing a squadron of Zartinian fighters. Richard was innocent of the act, but after much negotiation with Kyleen Rainblade (RIP), he decided to take the fall for the Calican army and be court marshaled in dishonor, thus salvaging the peace treaty between the two countries. Zartinia was placated and the war was over; it was never discovered who actually slaughtered the Zartinians during the original war. Many Calicans have hard feelings about the Bishop family because of this dishonor.

During the recent battle in the new war, Richard was in charge of a small unit of troops. Most of the the troops were killed by the manlin army’s surprise attack, but Richard survived, although he is now blinded in one eye. He is now considered second in command after Belcoot as far as the military is concerned. However, after his wife and 2 children were murdered in a surprise attack on Sternberg, Richard’s mentality has drastically changed. He has taken to drinking and somber mood swings, and burns with vengeance against the manlin army. He even authorized the brutal torture of a manlin prisoner of war. Hopefully through the intervention of his son, Richard has put the darker days behind him and can focus on the goal of winning the war.

ZZZ-Richard Bishop

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