ZZZ-Nathan Bishop

Human Fighter


Nathan Bishop (21 yrs) is the eldest son of Richard Bishop, former war hero of Calica. He grew up in the capital city to loving parents, and, despite his family being slightly ostracized in the Calican community due to the history of his father, he came to love his country with great patriotism. His best friend from a young age is ZZZ-Kao-Tsu Quan. He has two very young siblings, James and Sarah, (ages 4 and 6) who lived quietly at home with their mother. Nathan began at a young age to train as a fighter with his father, and he picked up Richard’s unique style of fighting in heavy armour with a shield as his main weapon. He also raised from puppy a dog named Indy, who was his constant friend as well as a battle companion. When the Tournament of Nevermore drafted for teams, he was quick to sign up for the Calican team, both for personal glory and to help clear the Bishop name from past taint. He became the leader of Team Tempest in the tournament rounds and also in the adventuring field, where he earned the role of constable in a few different countries. He had a deep seeded root for Zartinians, whom he blamed for his family’s taint and problems.

When the second war between broke out, Nathan was the first of his friends to join the military. He and his companions vehemently believed that a conspiracy had occurred in the way that the Tournament had ended and the war between Calica and Zartinia had begun, and it highly frustrated Nathan that he could not prove anything. Unannounced to the other adventurers, he requested to ZZZ-Kyleen Rainblade (RIP) that he be re-assigned to a covert operation to discover what had occurred. In his solo journeys, he tracked the assassin who killed the Calican nobleman and sparked the 2nd war. After engaging in battle, the assassin killed Indy and unfortunately escaped. Nathan continued to track him for months, and found that he was traveling back to Calica. He crafted in dog’s head helmet in remembrance of Indy.

While traveling on the Calican ship “The Dutchess”, Nathan reunited with Talia and Kao-Tsu, who were hastening to the capital city to catch Master Fong before he passed. Since the army seemed to be engaging Zartinia in battle, he agreed to put aside his tracking mission and regroup with the party. Now that King Stephanis has betrayed his people, revealed his true identity as Isorn’t, and created a hybrid goblin/human army, Nathan is filled with an inner rage that seemingly will only be quelled with blood.

Nathan has become a true leader, not only of the adventuring party but also the Calican military, where current Commander Belcoot has promoted Nathan to Captain of the Calican Forces. During the sneak attack of Sternberg, Nathan’s mother, brother and sister were killed in the onslaught of the city while the military was away defeating the NightmareScape in a naval battle outside of Sohma. This has caused both Nathan and his father Richard personal trauma and has made the fighter even more resolved to take out his enemies. Nathan has also recently admitted his attraction and growing affection to Talia, but both he and Talia have agreed to put their relationship on hold until the war is over.

ZZZ-Nathan Bishop

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