ZZZ-Kao-Tsu Quan

Human Monk Drunken Master


Kao-Tsu Kwan was born in the far away Dragon Mist Isles, but traveled to Calica as a baby and grew up in the capital city. He was raised by Master Fong (RIP) by the Calican Temple Monks, who taught him bravery, stalwartness, determination, and a bunch of super special moves. Master Fong gave Kao-Tsu a mission from the temple-find 12 magical artifacts, called Shen Gong Wu, which have been scattered around the world, use their power wisely, and return them to the temple one day for the use of generations of monks to come. Fong also gave him Toby, a magical bird, who would appear whenever a Shen Gong Wu was nearby. Kao-Tsu’s best friend from childhood is Nathan Bishop, whom together with Talia Lancaster (Black) and Cassius Rainblade, formed Team Tempest during the Tournament of Nevermore. Kao-Tsu fought in the tournament and relished fighting his rival, Han Li (RIP?), an ill tempered monk who was kicked out of the Calican Temple Monks but resurfaced during the tournament on Team Wind Song. As the tournament traveled around Nevermore, Kao-Tsu got into a habit in intoxicating himself in the taverns, but turned his inebriation into kick-assery by training with J’han Ghou, a highly skilled drunken master. In his travels, he has also trained with Geng Fo, a sexist but highly skilled martial artist who lives in solitude in the wilds of the NightmareScape. Kao-Tsu has taken a fancy to Lun Raftfleet, whom he met in the tournament, and considers her his girlfriend.

Kao-Tsu considered it a personal quest to one day travel back to the Dragon Mist Isles to find his father, Gan Bei Kwan. Finally, Talia, Gwendolyn Grimthorne (RIP), and Kao-Tsu were able to make the journey to the Isles; however, when Kao-Tsu arrived, he discovered that his father had been missing for quite some time. Gan Bei had last been seen traveling to the Mountain of Oso-Rezan, which is considered a perilous journey. At this time, Kao-Tsu also received word that Master Fong back in Calica was very ill and most likely to soon die. A choice had to be made-either go after and possibly save the father that he had never met, or travel back to the mentor who had raised him to be the man he was today. After a difficult decision, Kao-Tsu traveled back to Calica.

Racing back to the monastery, Kao-Tsu made it back to Master Fong just in time. With his last dying breaths, Fong told Kao-Tsu that all this time, he had been watching over Kao-Tsu in the guise of Toby, the bird. There actually were no such items as Shen Gong Wu; Master Fong made that up to motivate his star pupil to reach his potential and adventure rather than staying in the dojo. As he passed on, Master Fong gave some of his energy and life force to Kao-Tsu, imbuing him with a mystical power and glow. Kao-Tsu is now considered leader of the Calican Temple.

Since taking over the dojo, Kao-Tsu made it a priority of the monks to search for the missing Gwendolyn, who disappeared while the party traveled to the Sian Republic. Unfortunately, the monks discovered that the wilden had met with foul play at the hands of Isorn’t. Kao-Tsu, who was the closest to Gwendolyn, vows justice will prevail for his friend and wears a bracelet with branches to remind himself of his fallen ally. He has also made it a first concern of the Calican Monastery to hold and care for all prisoners of war in a civil but just manner.

Kao-Tsu recently married Lun in a public wedding, which was used also to create unity throughout the Calican military. Kao-Tsu is accepted by the military as an important leader of fighting forces and considered a hero for his recent defeat of an undead Han Li (RIP).

ZZZ-Kao-Tsu Quan

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