ZZZ-Han Li (RIP)

human monk


Han Li was trained at the same Calican dojo as Kao-Tsu. In a training exercise, rather than loose, Han Li killed a fellow monk. He claimed it was accidental, but Kao-Tsu saw through his lies. Master Fong could prove no wrong, and Han Li was not expelled from the monastary, but Kao-Tsu proclaimed the man his rival from thenceforth.

During the Tournament of Nevermore, Han Li formed the rival team to Kao-Tsu, called the “Wing Song”. Not all of the monks were as ruthless as Han Li, but all were very powerful. He also discovered that the PCs were adventuring to Mt. Ranrow in the NightmareScape to gain power (or so he thought-they were actually trying to regain Talia Black’s memories). He traveled up the mountain and met Wee Jas: to what ends, the players do not know.

After the tournament, Han Li attacked Kao-Tu, Nathan, and Talia during what he considered a weak moment. It was a surprise attack that happened while the party was trying to save some citizens of Calica while a house was burning down. During the fight, Han Li was felled by Kao-Tsu and Nathan; however after the battle, his body was not found amoungst the wreckage of the burned building…..

During the Calican Sea Battle, it was revealed that Han Li was the leader of the undead forces of the Nightmarescape’s naval fleet. He had sacrificed his life force for power, but it had been corrupted by the evil gods. He fought Kao-Tsu and attempted to destroy the party, but their might was more than his and he fell to Kao-Tsu’s Ten Dragon Strike Technique.


ZZZ-Han Li (RIP)

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