ZZZ-Gwendolyn Grimthorne (RIP)

Wilden Avenger


Gwendolyn Grimthorne was not born, but rather awakened by the sea goddess Mellora. As a wilden, her form took shape from the very seaweed and roots around her, and as she woke, her goddess told her to spread the word of the sea and punish evildooers. She is one of the first sea wilden to awaken in Nevermore. She is only about 3 months old, but has been imbued with a strength from Mellora that surpasses most foes. The Calican army was lucky enough to recruit the curious Gwen, who writes everything inquisitively in her notebook. Quickly she was assigned to Talia Lancaster (Black) and Kao-Tsu Kwan’s regiment when Tifa Lightbringer and Zevran Elder were reassigned in a military shift. She hates Dagon and the Sahuagin and was instrumental to destroying a cult of Dagon.

Recently Gwen was plant-knapped by Vahuvious von Signtrap directly following the Battle of Corona. His attempt to collect her as a valued plant was unfruitful.

Gwen was approached by several wilden, with whom she agreed to travel to learn more about her people. Unfortunately, as she was teleported away, she realized she was in grave danger. She was teleported to the throne room in Calica, where she was confronted by the king himself. Isornt, in a display of power to the wilden people, killed Gwendolyn, who bravely refused to submit into admitting fear to the tyrant. As a message to the other adventurers, her tattered and bloody notebook was teleported back to the party. It was recently revealed to the party that she indeed was killed; Kao-Tsu has vowed revenge and wears a bracelet of branches for his fallen ally.

ZZZ-Gwendolyn Grimthorne (RIP)

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