ZZZ-Gull Sunelle (RIP)

Zartinian Tactician


Gull Sunelle was a Zartinian tactician who was instrumental in the original Calican/Zartinian war. Zartinia often used his brilliant tactics; however as the war continued, Gull felt he could no longer participate in the bloodshed and loss of life. Instead, he traveled to Calica to act as a diplomat and work towards a goal of peace. It was during that time period that he met and fell in love with Nathan Bishop‘s mother, who had been missing her husband Richard during the wartime. She showed him a tolerance and love that was a light spot in a land that hated and feared his kind. The result of their liaison was a daughter, Nella, whom Nathan’s mother kept a secret from him and the rest of his family.

Gull recently traveled to a remote island off the shores of the Shifting Sands to follow his daughter, whom had been captured by the manlins. Unfortunately, his Zartinian soldiers were no match for the unholy creatures of Dagon who inhabited the island. Although Nathan and the rest were able to save his daughter, Gull died due to heavy battle wounds. On his deathbed he told Nathan the truth about his half-sister and asked Nathan to care for her in his passing. He also passed along in gratitude to the Calican army a notebook with many tactical plans.


ZZZ-Gull Sunelle (RIP)

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