ZZZ-Gaul Who Grasps

Orc Barbarian


This orc barbarian is the terror of the Shifting Sands. He and his orc horde of followers have long been a thorn in the side of the ruling mage lords, looting and pillaging the cities while somehow remaining autonomous in the desert sands. His hideout was until recently a well kept secret. Gaul is well known to cut off the hands of any who oppose him, and attach their disembodied hands to a necklace that he wears to terrify his opponents. The adventurers first heard of him when he kidnapped Lun Raftfleet. Luckily, they were able to retrieve the girl without meeting the fearsome orc.

Recently the adventurers were able to gain the support of the Gaul, who has pledged his allegiance to Calica’s military in exchange for food and supplies for his orc nation.


ZZZ-Gaul Who Grasps

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