ZZZ-Diamond Lil

human swashbuckler




Lillian de Beaumarchais, otherwise known as “Diamond Lil”, was awakened by the party, who traveled through a huge mountainside dungeon to get her. They were told that in the dungeon was a powerful pirate captain, who, with her pirate army, could be awakened to help them against the manlins. Diamond Lil is from another world, where she died before fulfilling her final quest. She agreed to help, and has traveled to Sternberg, where her pirate fleet magically appeared and was waiting for her.

In her past world, Lil was a very powerful swashbuckler pirate, known for her friendly demeanor and cutting remarks. She was married to a rogue named Loki, who died beside her in battle, and she has honored his memory with a tattoo of an “L” with 3 blood drops on her left arm. Lil has a weakness for flashy clothing and large hats. Her best friends from the old world were a fierce, stoic half orc with an eye patch named Deadeye, and an impetuous, fiery sorcerer named Ashimar.

Lil has proved very useful in the war, with her ship “Phoenix Fire” leading the army in kills in the recent naval battle against the Nightmare Scape. She is also turning into a bargaining chip for the Calican military, as Jack Sparrow has promised that he will support the Calicans with his pirate army….if Lil will agree to marry him. Currently, she has neither said yes or no to his proposal, having only recently met the pirate king at the wedding of Kao-Tsu and Lun Kwan.

ZZZ-Diamond Lil

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