ZZZ-Cassius Rainblade

Former Tiefling Ninja-Currently Kyton


Cassius Rainblade, the adopted son of Kyleen Rainblade (RIP), was 14 yrs old when the Tournament of Nevermore began. He was eager to join the tournament, and a scrappy rogue/ninja capable of fighting, but he always was ostracized by the general public due to his half demon heritage. He was just getting closer to Kao-Tsu, Nathan, and Talia when he mysteriously disappeared. The party searched but to no avail.

Almost a year had passed, and the party was in the midst of fighting a fearsome chain demon, or kyton, when Nathan came to a realization: the demon was actually Cassius! The party was able to pull him out of his rage, and Cassius revealed that the King of Calica had done this to him. The evil plots of the king were revealed, but it may have been too late. Cassius travels for the time being with the party, but is bitter and sad with his loneliness.

ZZZ-Cassius Rainblade

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