ZZZ-Belcoot Fontaine

Human Fighter


Belcoot is a fighter from Calica, originally in the Silver Bird team during the Tournament. He is known for weilding a large sword and wearing light armor. During the tournament, Talia promised Belcoot her wish if Team Tempest won the tournament if Belcoot agreed to travel on the perilous journey through the NightmareScape with her to the volcano to gain back her memories. He agreed, and a kinship was formed between the two. Belcoot has a quiet and noble personality, and he eventually let Talia know that his wish would be to heal his younger sister, who is dying. Since the tournament was disbanded and war broke out, not much has been seen of Belcoot, until as of recent, when he was at the Landsmeet of Calica.

Currently Belcoot has taken over as Commander of the Calican Military in the apparent death of Kyleen Rainblade. He leads the forces in the naval battle of Sternberg, where he captains the vessel “The Adversary”.

During the War of Nations, Belcoot eventually rose through the military and showed such prowess that after the death of Isorn’t, the Calicans rallied to have him proclaimed as King.

ZZZ-Belcoot Fontaine

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