ZZZ-Arthur Kayin Macbeth

Cleric of Odin, Former King of Odinshire


Arthur was awakened by the group at the top of the minotauran pyramid from an age old sleep. Believing himself brought back from Valhalla for a reason, Arthur quickly agreed to help the adventurers on their mission as long as it was a just one.

Arthur’s previous life was one wrought with strife and hardship. Born a king’s son, “prince” Arthur was abandoned at an early age to the harsh winter woods to die because of prophecy that a son born from the queen would one day bring down the king’s empire. Arthur did not die in those woods though. An elf by the name of Jonas Firestarter would save him and bring him to the temple of Odin, where Arthur would be raised. Being an elf with long lasting life, Jonas was able to watch Arthur grow up in almost a blink of his eye. When Arthur became an adult, Jonas agreed to travel with Arthur on his mission to find his mother, save the oppressed people of his father’s kingdom, and get revenge on the father that spurned him. Along the way Arthur met his closest friends and allies. Thorak the Great, a head strong warrior, Pagaro, a Wemic Druid, and Krysm Darksight, a necromancer who’s sacrifices had turned him into something very very dark but still cared enough about the general world to realize that the success of Arthur’s quest was needed. In the end, Arthur did succeed and ruled the newly formed Odinshire for many years with his queen and had a son of his own. Arthur died at the hands of a vampire assasin many years later…..until he was summoned again.

Arthur has been acting as a military adviser to Belcoot, but recently provided an important service to Kao-Tsu, as he presided over his wedding ceremony as officiant.


ZZZ-Arthur Kayin Macbeth

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