The Election of Sohma-Part Two

Campaigning for the Queen

The next day, the adventurers awoke ready for duty. Their mission? To get as many sections of the 8 hills of Sephor and rally the people’s votes behind Queen Andula before her competitors got to them! First off, they agreed to go to Capitoleno Hill, as they had visited the Amphitheater the day before during the Artistica Maximus. Before traveling, Vivian quickly whisked away, giddily making a secretive purchase. As they walked into the hills, she revealed her purchase: sparkly costumes resembling the over the top outfits of Commander Shield, Furious Fist, and the Black Widow! Talia Lancaster (Black) sighed as she warily looked over her skimpy costume simultaneously as Kao-Tsu Quan eagerly jumped into his flamboyant accoutrement. Well, if it was for the war effort….

Once in Capitoleno, Nathan Bishop was quick to find Stephanis Ditikus, the creator of the “Commander Shield” comic. In agreement to donate a portion of Stephanis’ profits to the war effort of Calica and Sohma, the three heroes acceded to model as Stephanis sketched them in action poses. Meanwhile Vivian and Taiass Atwari researched rumors of a demonic pen that had fallen into the hands of a local unlucky artist. When it was clear that they would need the help of the other three, only Kao-Tsu and Talia were able to help, as Nathan was mobbed by rabid fan girls and dragged off. Meanwhile, a succubus had tried to take control over a Sohman writer through the use of an evil pen. Together, they were able to fight the evil temptress away, and gratefully the writer pledged to get all of his friends to vote for the queen.

After the fight, they looked for Nathan, but finding him nowhere, the party decided to move on. Next up, Esqualino Hill, where Corvellius Scourge, a local dragonborn drug dealer of “white out” had taken control over this district. Esqualino was considered the poorer part of Sephor, filled with Dragon Mist Isle immigrants. Kao-Tsu took their problems to his heart, and in the middle of town called out Corvellius! After hearing the accusations made against him, Corvellius surprisingly said he would leave Esqualino….but wisely Kao-Tsu and the others decided not to trust him. As they followed his escort out of town, the evil dragonborn thug and his cronies jumped them! A poor decision on his behalf, as it was his last fight. The beholden Dragon Mist immigrants cheered as they hoisted Kao-Tsu up on their shoulders, their votes easily secured.

Next, the Velian district, the location of the Sohman senate and the largest observatory in Nevermore. As they strolled into town, everyone realized the Senate hearings had just ended for the day, and all of the Senators seemed to be heading to the same place to relax and socialize… a XXX club. Taiass and Kao-Tsu smirked at each other as Talia rolled her eyes in embarrassment. Nathan was going to miss out on this one. Once in the club, Taiass fit right with his “Senator Morious” disguise, easily swaying the senators with his effortless banter. Kao-Tsu entertained the drunken politicians with jokes and acrobatic stunts, while Vivian pitched in and waited tables with vampiric celerity. Only a sullen Talia did not fit in, and as the senators called for the “Black Widow” to perform for them, she disappeared behind a curtain…but to their disappointment, re-appeared fully clothed. It took some time, but the others were successful in committing the senators to friendship with Calica.

Advancing, the next section of town to tackle would be Ostinense Hill, the blue collar district with a group of restaurants called the Utilenza. Upon entering this section of town, everyone was greeted with the sounds of striking workers. It seemed that a union of food workers had been attempting to get a raise and better treatment from the owner of the Utilenza, but the diplomat brought in to negotiate had been killed! Upon further investigation, the heroes discovered a plot to destroy the Utilenza by a rival restaurant owner, Lady Agatha, whose own business had just about been run into the ground. It took them some time and revisiting the district that night to fully discover her plot, but after their cooperation, the grateful workers pledged their allegiance to the Queen of Sohma in the upcoming election.

The next few districts were met with almost immediate success. In Nomentano Hill, they were able to successfully organize the Mythic College library (mostly thanks to Taiass’ ordering college kids around). In the Modern Center, they were able to foil the plot of a con artist who tried to get them to steal a precious metal eagle from the Gallea Verde (a museum with a garden of nude statues). And in Old Sohma, they acted as tour guides for an hour in the Nevermore History Museum to take over for some guides stricken with the shakes. It was on the way to their last section of Sephor, Folino Hill, that suddenly, the air suddenly took on the smell of muffins. Vivian’s eyes darted around nervously as she flitted about the air, four pixies teleported before them, bows drawn fiercely and aiming them at her heart. Their leader stood forward, tiny in stature but still full of dignity and power as he declared: “Vivian. At last we meet again. We are here to arrest you for murder!”



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