Taiass versus the Court

Memories and Betrayals

As the warriors prepared for their next moves in battle, Taiass Atwari explained his latest movements in battle. He clarified his reasons for being late to The Battle of Senia; his people were in need of aid. He explained that his people were in need for him to protect of book, a precious artifact that held the names of his “great ones”. If his allies were able to protect this book, it may prove beneficial to his people who may thusly provide aid to the Calican military. Nathan Bishop exchanged a glance with his compatriots. If they were okay with this deal, so was he, despite his misgivings about Taiass’s true motivations.

Next they were off, to Sarol Mansion in the Meadowlands, a few days travel away. As Nathan, Taiass, Talia, and Vivan were prepared to meet at the mansion to guard the book, Taiass was surprised to also meet his former adventuring companions. Apparently they were also tasked with guard duty during this important occassion of the Great Ones. As Taiass gazed upon his former compatriots, he remembered the old times……

Taiass remembered one of their first adventures. Thrace, a half elf and captain of their guard, had gathered them together on behalf of the Court to find and capture Belazara, a worshipper of Bane, who had stolen a vial of fine importance to the Court. The Court was a group of immortals who were attempting to seek immortality and seek balance within the world….the fact that they were undead liches seemed secondary to their greatness. Many had followed their lead, but few had gained their trust. With this adventure, Taiass hoped to gain their favor and eventually immortality for himself. Together, Thrace had gathered Anare, a serious mage wood elf; Keyvan, a gay dragonborn rogue; and Grimm, a stalwort dwarf prone to memory problems; this team plus Taiass were expected to help capture Belazara and help the court. Slashing their way through many a hobgoblin warrior, the adventurers were victorious in their goal, although Belazara was able to escape their grasp….the Court was still victorious. The four warriors, although ordered to disband by the Court, agreed to meet every year at a fixed point in the Neutral Lands to continue their friendship.

Four years had gone by since that time. Four years and Taiass had not been able to rendevous with his former teammates, having being ordered by the Court to spy on the Calican military and integrate himself within their ranks, so deeply that indeed Taiass had not recieved orders from the Court for years. As his former mates gazed on him, Taiass felt no shame. He had only done what the court had ordered him to do. Despite the hating looks, Taiass took his guard on the inside of the mansion with his new friends whilst his old friends patrolled the perimeter. Despite their best efforts, the masquarade party at the Sarol Mansion was ambushed by hill giants and duegers, as well as an invisible foe who attempted to make off with the book of the Court. All of Taiass’ former companions were seemingly killed in the attack, and the mansion was raided by a group of Court superior agents, who blamed Taiass for the failure. As Vivian pawed through the book, she realized Taiass was set up for failure, as the book was empty of writing! The party split up in two directions, distracting the Court’s agents, who dissassembled, unable to locate the party members.

Eventually the party was able to group together. They agreed that their next step should be the Zartinian city of Tor, a day’s travel away, where Taiass’ former friend Moss Gornal, who had gathered together his original team, may know more of who set up Taiass for a fall. Through the merchantile city streets of Tor, they were able to outsmart agents chasing Moss and pay off the guards warding the fat eladrin. Moss coward before Taiass and admitted that he knew nothing, but a madman Quiddis Quo may know something. Quiddis was a conspiracy theorist who had somehow figured out who the court was, although his theories breached on insanity. The party interrogated Quiddis, who attacked them with his pet scorpions but relented his attacks once dominated by the ever persuasive vampire Vivian. Quiddis exchanged information for the “favorite sunrod of the Court” presented by Kao-Tsu. Quiddis admitted that he was the invisible figure who had attempted to steal the book of the court. He had been put up to the deed by a cloaked figure, who met him on a rope bridge just outside of town. He had a schedule to meet with the person that very night!

That night, Taiass dressed Nathan, who was close in height to Quiddis, in beggar’s robes, attempting to disguise the fighter. The counterfeit worked, as the cloaked figure closed in on the rope bridge and reveled his true face to Nathan: Grimm! The dwarf, who had been fooling his memory problems from the start, had been paid off by the NighmareScape and Prince Janus to betray the Court and set Taiass up for failure. On Nathan’s word, the others sprang forward from the woods, and were eventually victorious over the dward and his kenku guards. The court upper agents saw the fight and awarded Taiass with a great honor. He was presented with a case containing the gear of an upper agent of the Court. Taiass now had the full respect of his great Court, although the trust of his friends was beginning to wane….just whose side was he fighting for?



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